The eHeat Ireland Association was founded in 2021 to accelerate the Electrification of Heat and to bring together Ireland’s leading stakeholders in the sector with industry. Founding members will represent the different sectors of the Irish Heat Industry; End Users, Service Providers, Utility Companies and Technology Companies.

The eHeat Ireland Association is a community of learning and knowledge share that advocates for the transformation of Irish business and industry through the adoption of renewable energies for the heating of their facilities. The Association and it's members encourage and enable the enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability for all stakeholders in delivering a electrification of heat solution.

Rapid progress in decarbonising the Ireland’s power grid means that electricity is an increasingly low carbon source of energy. Using this to power heat generators is an alternative to fossil fuelled heat, and is seen by many as a vital part of heat decarbonisation.

The philosophy of electrified heating is simple – use cleaner, renewable electricity to heat Irish homes, businesses and public facilities. The electricity grid is decarbonising rapidly, therefore emissions associated with electric heating are falling and will continue to do so.

eHeat Ireland National Conference 2024

On the 14th November, eHeat Ireland will hold their 2024 annual conference in Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin. This event will bring together industry experts, policy makers, professionals, and company owners to discuss the electrification of heat as an effective means of reducing carbon emissions. The greater electrification of heat is going to influence how Irish industry and business can move away from fossil fuels as electrification is a sustainable, efficient and economic means of generating heat for industry in Ireland.

It is further going to influence many areas of the energy industry, including greater utilisation of the electricity grid, providing flexible demand, and a reduction in fossil fuel imports. At the conference we will further look at:

  • The wide heat pump technologies available for industry in Ireland
  • Supports available to help make the move to electric heat
  • Case studies of heat pumps from a broad range of industries

The conference will explore topics such as;

  • The electrification of heat opportunity for industry, and the role it can play in supporting Ireland’s climate goals
  • Currently available heat pump technologies
  • Supports available to support electrification of heat
  • Electrification of heat case studies


  • Industrial organisations/companies decarbonise with Scope 1 GHG emissions reduction targets
  • Policy makers
  • Industry experts
  • Hear how large energy users are using heat pump technologies to reduce Scope 1 GHG emissions.
  • Get the latest insight on climate policy in Ireland and the potential for significant carbon reduction by Industrial heat users.
  • Listen to subject matter experts on the benefits of heat pump technologies.
  • Meet and discuss the latest news on decarbonising industrial heat with colleagues.